Methinks They Doth Protest Too Much

So, there are a lot of folks who are mad because of the proposed tax increase. And while I understand it- especially coming on the heels of the 50% (total) raise on the water and sewer- what I can’t understand is the attitude of some folks about it. For example, resident Gwen Anthony is organizing a protest before the workshop on Thursday (5:00, public hearing starts at 4:30, at City Hall).

I find it interesting that citizens would protest a tax increase when I’ve heard there’s been complaints that they had to patrol their own streets because there weren’t enough police officers. Last I checked the police don’t work for free. I didn’t know it was possible to pull money out of thin air to pay these guys with. If so, someone needs to teach me the secret of how to do that, because I need money, ha.

I have some questions for everyone who is so irate about the possible tax hike: Are you spending this much time and energy protesting to gas companies and planning pickets on them? Are you spending any of your energy protesting to NES?

If you have a $150,000 house, the increase is about $15 per month. And here’s a real-life example of how much water is going up, from my own water bill:

From my latest water bill: Water = 11.73 Sewer = 14.47 total= $26.20
After increase: 11.73 * .4 = 4.69 + 11.73 = $16.42 (water)
14.47 * .6 = 8.82 +14.47 = $23.15 (sewer)
Total of bill after the increase = $39.57.
There is an additional $3.50 for stormwater drainage and it looks like roughly 5% tax, but neither of those fees are increasing.

As you can see, prices are going up, but the rumors of $100 water bills for average families are greatly exaggerated.

So why are they putting so much effort into protesting a tax increase that is proposed by good people, who only have the city’s best interests at heart? They are not doing this to line their pockets. I know them all personally and can attest to their good intentions. They’re not in this for the money- the office of Mayor pays $15,000 a year and Alderman pays $3600 a year. And unlike other politicians, they’re not going to finish their appointments significantly richer than they were before they took office. You think on that for a moment.

Yanno, our local officials and city workers get yelled at every single day because someone’s grass is too high or because a city worker hasn’t come to rake the leaves out of the drain in someone’s front yard. I have witnessed this kind of behavior myself when I was at City Hall. But how are they going to enforce codes without workers? How do they do this on their own, with no money?

We NEED more police officers on the street. I’ve seen people make the remark that citizens need to be protecting themselves, but I think this is a foolish and extremely dangerous thing to say. For one, there are many people out there that DO NOT need to own guns. I will defend the right to own a gun down to my last breath, but people need to keep in mind that not everyone can or should own guns. We need police. We need firefighters. And we need enough of them so we’re not stretching our officers thin and putting their lives in more danger than they already are.

This is like a feeding frenzy – a living river full of piranhas waiting to tear people apart who are doing their very best to fix our roads and water lines and bring in new business. It’s no wonder all the other administrations just threw in the towel and didn’t give a shit about what happened to the town. Frankly, at this point I think WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET.

If you want more for this town, then let’s get a group of protesters together who will SHOW THEIR SUPPORT! I have my sign already planned – MY CHILD’S PROTECTION IS WORTH IT. What say you, LaVergne?

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