Win $20 From This Is La Vergne!

That’s right, we’re giving away $20 in cash to one lucky local resident, simply for getting your friends to “Like” the This Is La Vergne fan page! Spend it any way you want, use it to help pay your water bill, or buy a couple of gallons of gas. Sound good? Here’s how you can win!

All you have to do is get your friends to “Like” the This Is La Vergne facebook page, then have them go put a comment on our wall saying “(Your name) sent me!” The person who has the most of these posts on our Facebook wall will win $20.

The rules:

1. You have to be local. Sorry, non-local residents, but I’m going to hand someone a $20 bill and they have to be here for me to do it. The good news is, your friends don’t have to be local, just the winner.

2. You have to be a member of Facebook, and have “Liked” TiLV yourself.

3. Sorry, administrators of the Facebook page and writers for this site are not eligible.

4. The contest takes place from right now until midnight, Sunday night.

This contest is sponsored by me! If you’re a local business owner and would like a similar contest, feel free to email me at ivy {at} thisislavergne {dot!} com.

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