Are You Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution?

My dear fellow citizens of La Vergne, Tennessee,

Please assume I’m not kidding for the vast majority of this missive. Lately we’ve had a ton of people complaining about various things that are happening in this city. Yep, the water rates are going up. Yep, taxes are going up. Yep, this city has a whole lot of problems, still. Does it suck? It sure does!

But let’s talk about what’s really going on here. Our water rates have not been raised since the 1990s. Our tax rates have not been raised in anybody’s recent memory. As my grandmother would have said, “The shit’s already been laid, there’s nothing you can do about the past.” For years and years, the previous administrations of this city have laid down and allowed developers to run rampant over our city and there’s not a thing we can do to change what has already occurred.

I’ve seen complaints that our current mayor has been part of the previous administration and therefore it’s her fault as well. I disagree. How could she change things when she was the only person really striving for change? When she was outvoted all the time? On certain votes, she does vote with everyone else, but if you look at her voting history, she was usually the lone voice of dissent. Now, we have some great new voices who are wanting change as well (I’m looking at you, Tom Broeker and you, Chris Farmer) and we can really make great strides to fix this city!

But they cannot do this alone. This takes support from our citizens, and patience. It’s been a long time since some real change has come to this city and you can’t expect everything to be solved immediately. Our board only changed last November. This will take time and effort.

When Kathy and I first started this site, we spent plenty of time complaining about the city. Don’t get me wrong- we did write some positive things, but we also complained a lot. Fair enough, there were plenty of things worth complaining about. But we got some comments from some folks that we were too negative and we were “sitting behind our computers and bitching but not doing anything”.

We talked about this, and didn’t dismiss what they had to say outright. We worked to have a more positive tone for this site, and in addition, we started actively working for change in this city. We campaigned for folks we believed could precipitate change. We’ve applied for boards and gotten jobs (Kathy, not me, I’m still unemployed, haha) working for the city. We’ve organized cleanups, we’ve made suggestions, we have actively worked toward having a better city.

Has it worked? We’d like to think so. Is the city perfect now, a shining city on the hill? No. Again, this will take time and I doubt it’ll ever be perfect, no place ever is. But this is OUR city. We’re taking it back, and we need folks who are going to work with us to do so.

This is a call to action!!

So, what are you doing for your city? At the very minimum, are you keeping your property looking nice? Are you calling codes whenever you see violations? How about picking up any trash you see when you’re out walking your dog? How about volunteering to help out at the Old Timer’s Festival?

Don’t just sit back behind your computer complaining about everything. If all you are willing to do is bitch, we don’t need you. Feel free to move elsewhere. (Oh, and if you’ve moved elsewhere, MOVE ON. We don’t care about what you have to say if you don’t live here, unless it’s actually helpful.) Either you’re part of the problem, or you’re part of the solution. Which do you want to be?

Could we really become the shining city on the hill?

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