How The Internet Works- TiLV Edition

It appears that some of our users are unsure of how the internet works. The internet, my friends, is a big, scary place if you’re not sure how it works. It’s our goal at This Is La Vergne to show you the light.

First, let’s talk about some things that the internet is. It sure is a place for you to speak your mind. Something pisses you off? Feel free to complain all you want. But there’s a caveat to that: There are other people on the internet as well. That means that they might not like what you have to say, and they might argue with you. You might not like that, but that’s how the internet works.

People might joke with you, or use snark. You can sometimes tell when people are joking, because they might use smilies such as 😉 or 😀 or the ever-present 🙂 On the other hand, they might not use a smiley. The best practice is to assume they’re joking until they tell you otherwise. This will greatly reduce your possible anger at the internet. Not sure of what snark is? It’s a combination of “snide” and “remark”.

Speaking of which, I highly suggest you read the Terms of Use for this site. I believe it will clear up any and all questions of whether we’re allowed to be snarky, snide, or use the words “pissed off”. Those have been our terms of use for at least a couple of years now, nothing has changed.

Now, if you’ve read all this and are still with me, let me just say this. You don’t have to read this site. If it makes you mad or you don’t like us, you can feel free to go read somewhere else. Of course, you can stick around and you can even make snarky comments to us as long as they don’t outright violate our terms of use. But, if you want to leave? It’s quite easy. First, don’t come to the site. Second, “Unlike” our Facebook page. Here’s how.

We’re going to “Unlike” WKRN on Facebook as an example. (Don’t worry, WKRN! We still love you, I’ll go back and “like” you when the example is over!)

First, find a status update from the page you want to unlike. Go over to the right hand part of the status update, and hover over it with your cursor. An X will appear, like this:

That red arrow won't appear. I'm just making sure you see it.


Now, click on the X and then a menu will drop down. Choose “Unlike”, and you will not have to see This Is LaVergne in your facebook feed ever, ever again.

Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

Don’t worry, you won’t be hurting my feelings one bit if you leave, unless I like you. And chances are good that I don’t like you. 😉 <——–see what I did there? That’s called, “joking”.

Next how-to post? How to use the address bar instead of googling.


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