Touristy La Vergne

I’ve been reading a LOT of travel blogs lately. In fact, I’ve been reading them so much that when a friend recently asked me what I was reading (He was referring to actual books), I had to tell him I wasn’t reading any books at all right now, because I’ve been reading only travel blogs. If you knew me, you’d be completely shocked right now.

Too bad this got painted over, I kinda liked that.

So, it got me thinking about something. If someone came here from a different country as a tourist, what would you show them (here comes the difficult part) here in La Vergne?

There are plenty of things in the Nashville area that you could take a tourist to. But La Vergne specifically? I dunno, other than the lake. But surely there’s something other than the lake! C’mon, La Vergne, let’s hear it:

What would you show a tourist here in La Vergne?

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