I’ve been doing a lot of home improvement projects lately, so I’ve decided to blog about it since many of our readers probably have houses similar to mine, or at least built by the same developer. Therefore we probably face some of the same… ahem… issues.

My house is about 13 years old, and it’s curb appeal has been really lacking for some time. This spring I got tired of looking at it and decided to take action despite being a bit strapped for cash. So I started with the easiest and least expensive things to address- the faded vinyl shutters.

Getting the darned things down was the hardest part. Those little buttons that hold them on are only designed to go one way- in. Some of them wiggled out quite easily, but I had to borrow a pair of vice grips from a neighbor to yank the rest out. Once I had them down my toddler girl and I gave them a good scrub with some soapy water to get all the years of grime off. Then I headed to the hardware store and picked up some spray paint designed especially for use on plastic for less than $6 a can (I decided to go with black, but there are other colors available). I also had to pick up some new buttons to hold the shutters in place.

I only had six shutters to paint, but wound up going through four cans due to windy conditions. I’m sure you could get away with a lot less if you do your painting on a calm day. The end results are glossy black shutters that look new again for less than the cost of buying one new shutter, which  I found to be over $40 a piece.

Now if I can just find an economical way to rejuvenate my vinyl siding…


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