Super Saturday: My Computer Works Again Edition

My macbook* was acting all crazy on Friday, so I took it to Mac Authority to get it fixed. I got absolutely outstanding service there. So if you own any Apple products, I can heartily recommend Mac Authority. But in case you were wondering why there were no new posts, that’s why, my macbook was sick. 🙂

It looks like there will be no government shutdown, I’m glad about that, my military friends were worried and I was worried for them. It does look like the earthquake in Japan is causing some issues with car manufacturers here. Are there any folks who will be affected by this?

It’s another beautiful day here in Middle Tennessee! My oldest kid is realizing his lifelong dream of getting to drive my dad’s John Deere. Me, I’m sitting inside in the cool air conditioning communing with my computer. What are you doing this weekend?


*Before you rabid mac vs. pc people decide to cue up a massive argument, keep this in mind. I am no mac fanboy. I do not give people crap about owning PCs. I do not own an iPhone or an iPad (though I do want one, hee hee). I’m not here to start an argument about them. If you want to start an argument, know that I’m not going to respond to those comments.

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