Open Thread Friday: Warm Weather Edition

Man, the weather is NICE. This is why I love Tennessee.

Here’s an email I got yesterday:

PLEASE help me find a home for this Cocker, If I can’t find a home he will be put to sleep on March 22. All he needs is grooming, He’s 2 years old, Pure bred, I really don’t want to see this dog put down. this dog is very friendly, just look at the pics. Somebody PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE adopt him.

There is NO PULL FEE and I can help with limited transporting and fostering. Also if you would like them vetted before leaving I can help with that as well. Thank you so much, Rachel

He’s apparently a purebred cocker spaniel. I asked for pictures but I didn’t get any, try emailing the person above if you’re interested.

Edit: Here are pictures!

Clearly this dog is into punk rock.

So, it’s open thread time. What do you want to talk about, LaV? Here’s a potential topic. Next week is spring break for Rutherford County schools. I’m excited, my kids are excited. I’d hate to be a teacher today though, I hear the last day before any kind of break like this is a nightmare, kids are wild. What will you do for spring break? My family is just going to chill at the house, we don’t have any major plans.

Talk it up, LaV!

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