Waldron Road Update

Alderman Tom Broeker provided an update on the old TiLaV site about the progress being made on Waldron Road.  We both felt sharing the information here would be beneficial to everyone … since we all sometimes get stuck in the traffic, wave our fists in despair, and cry, “Whyyyyyyyy?!?!  How did that car in front of me pass the emissions testing?  *cough*” 

The update from Mr. Broeker,

Ok, Here is the scoop on Waldron Rd. While the last “official date” to finish this project is still November of this year, to put it to you straight, it appears it could be longer, possibly into next year. If there is any good news surrounding this project is that the water lines and bridgework seem to be moving forward finally.

I also relayed your concerns regarding the traffic lights being out of sync. The state is very well aware as this has been a common complaint. They feel that as the construction process moves forward in the next few months there may be some relief as timers will be set to sync up with the other traffic lights and potentially minimize some of the congestion. I apologize, as I wish I had better update but will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Thanks, Tom.

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