It Is A Dark And Stormy Night…

What better night for a MURDER! Wait, I mean, what better night for NERD-ER?! Okay, okay. So, I’ve been neck-deep in site-admin-back-end-insert-geeky-terms-here for This is La Vergne. You might have noticed, the site moved and we have a new look. Here’s a small tour of some of the new features.

First, there’s a nifty new forum. This will be moderated by me and a couple of other people (I’m looking for people who want to help me mod, so let me know) but this is a place you can use to put up posts about yard sales, general information, and discussions on the site. The same general rules apply as do on the site, don’t be a jerk, no spam and nothing illegal. Find the link to the forum here:

Also, instead of having a separate “About” page, we just put it on the main page. Yes, I did write that.

Finally, there’s a “featured post” section. No big deal, just a random featured post.

Feel free to give any suggestions or thoughts about the new layout. I hope you all enjoy to the new site!

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