Permit Holders Should Pay Their Bills

Here’s some news from the city… this ordinance passed at the last meeting on February 1st and took effect on Friday.  From the city,

Permits may be revoked for non-payment of city fees and taxes

If you have not paid your city fees or city taxes, La Vergne now has the authority to regulate the issuance, denial or revocation of any city issued permits.  At the last Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting on February 1st, members unanimously approved the ordinance that addresses failure to pay city fees, taxes, or monetary debt or obligation owed to the city.

Written notification will first be sent to a business or individual failing to pay. A hearing may be held with the city administrator who will determine if a debt or payment has been satisfied in full.  If non-payment of debt is determined, the administrator may then revoke current city permits or deny a request for a permit.

“As a city, we are no different from any other business,” said La Vergne Mayor Senna Mosley.  “If you don’t pay your light bill, your electricity is turned off.  By the same logic, if you don’t pay your city bills or city taxes, you can’t operate here.”

 The ordinance took effect on February 4, 2011.

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