Good Morning, LaV! (Snowpocalypse edition, 2/7/2011)

Clearly it’s another slow news day. I’m still waiting on you guys to make some news up for me. Well, let’s see what’s happening around the mid-state.

Electric bills are higher because it’s been colder lately. In other news, water is wet, and bears poo in the woods. On a more serious note, I’m kinda tired of NES raising my rates. I’d quit and go somewhere cheaper, but yeah. I can’t. I suppose I could get some of these dogs around my house to start running on treadmills to power the place. Hmm.

Some guy jumped out of a moving car while it was driving on the I-24 near the Davidson/Rutherford County line. Sadly, it killed him. I’d make some smart-alecky comment about being shocked traffic was actually moving that fast on 24, but since the guy died, I won’t.

Schools are closing early in other counties because of the impending snow, which nobody can decide if it’s going to actually be serious or not. Who cares. I’m having chili and cornbread at Chez Ivy tonight. Dinner will be served at 6.

Alright, LaVergne, it’s your turn. What’s on your mind today? Are you tired of the snow? Have a good chili recipe? (I do!) Let’s hear it!

Edited to add: Oh yeah, here’s something that’s on my mind. I’m irritated that the trash dumps are closed on Mondays. I’m off on Mondays. That would be a good day to take my trash to the dump. Yeah, I know, the dump workers deserve some days off, but do ALL the dumps in Rutherford County have to be closed Mondays? I’d drive to Smyrna to haul trash if they were open there. Grr.

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