Good Afternoon, La Vergne!

I’ve had a long, hard morning of Mario Kart Wii and lunch with friends. I thought I’d relax with some news for y’all. Let’s take a look around the mid-state and see what’s happening, shall we?

The DNJ tells us the Garden Patch Thrift Store is celebrating it’s 1-year anniversary. I had no idea it existed, and I pretty much haunt all the thrift stores in the area. It appears to be in downtown Murfreesboro on Spring Street, according to their website. The DNJ says they’re having a half-off everything sale tomorrow, so I suppose I’ll mosey down there tomorrow if I don’t get too busy playing Mario Kart. What’s your favorite thrift store, La Vergne? Mine would be All Things Possible on Northfield Blvd. in Murfreesboro.

It’s a slow news day over at WKRN because they’re giving us a special investigative report about how snow costs taxpayers money. Shocking, really. Someone ought to do something about this “snow” thing. Maybe we can outlaw it. :::ducks the snowballs thrown by all the snow lovers:::

This, from the Murfreesboro Post: be careful who you let your kids spend the night with. Apparently a 12 year old girl was at a friend’s house staying the night, when her friend’s mother woke the girl and her friend up and told them they were going to North Carolina. What?! The girl’s mom called the girl the next day and found out her daughter was in North Carolina. I can hardly imagine the massive coronary her mom had when she heard this.

That’s really all the news that I found interesting. Slow news day, indeed. We can do better than this, TiLV-ers! Tell me your news, or make something interesting up. And don’t forget, I want to hear about your fave thrift stores as well.

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