TiLV Celebrates 5 Years!

Hey y’all, Ivy here. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of me here soon, so jump for joy or curse and scream depending on how you feel about me. As we celebrate being around 5 years, we’re at a turning point for this site. Our dear Kathy is now working for the city as PR Director, so stuff from her will primarily be city-related. So, I’m going to try to helm this with some help from our wonderful other writers.

I’m changing the site from wordpress.com over to the fully-hosted thisislavergne.com. This will take place over the next several days- I will let you know when you need to change your bookmarks and feed links over. For now, keep coming here. Not a whole lot will change between the old site and the new site, but this will enable us to have a more customizable template for the site and will allow us to have advertising on the site so we can pay for the hosting and so we’ll be able to have TiLV parties and other nifty stuff like giveaways.

I’d like to thank our readers and supporters we’ve had for this first 5 years of the site. We love you guys, thank you so much for everything! Here’s to another 5 years (at least)!

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