Petey Wants a Lemon Cookie

On Sunday, an interesting call came in to the city.  A lost parrot was sitting in a tree.  The tropical bird had been loose for three days in some bone-chilling winter temperatures, so it needed help.  LaVergne police officer J.B. Kilmon was dispatched to the scene and soon Vice Mayor Chris Farmer and Nashville firefighter Ronnie Mosley (the mayor’s husband) joined him.  And then a tree service came to help.

There was blood.

During the efforts to capture the elusive bird, both Mosley and Farmer were injured.   However, even after the bird drew first blood in the fracas (name him Rambo, I say!), he found a champion in the vice mayor.  He and his wife took the green-feathered military macaw – a breed that is usually even tempered, but can also be difficult and cranky – to the veterinarian.  The poor thing need some TLC after its trauma and who better than an EMT?

After neighbors investigated, they found Petey’s owner.  She had already planned to give the 10-year old up for adoption, so graciously said the vice mayor could keep him.

So what do we know about Petey Farmer?  His favorite snack is a lemon cookie (where he eats the filling first).  He loves hot showers and then being blow-dried.  He does know some dirty words.  He loves dogs.  And he will try not to bite his Papa anymore.

Congratulations to the Farmer household on heir newest addition!

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