Any News Besides Weather?

I’m supposed to work tonight at Bridgestone Arena for the Predators game (concession stand thrills), so have been keeping an eye on the weather and the roads… it’s not the trip there in daylight hours, it’s the drive home.  I checked online and it says we are having “light snow” at this time.  I don’t see any snow coming down except when we have a gust of wind that knocks clumps from the trees.

So concession stand work.  We’ve talked about tips (and lack thereof) already.  I did learn something important during the Monster Truck Jam over the weekend.  Do not under any circumstance put your finger in a refrigerator fan.  (Don’t read this next part Chris Farmer).  Skip the paragraph between the … … …’s.

Chris – apparently – doesn’t do well with finger injuries.  This gave him time to avert his eyes.  When you stick you fingers in a refrigerator fan, they tend to slice said finger.  I survived it and worked the rest of the night wearing a bandaid AND a glove.

Okay Chris… come back!

City offices are open today.  That’s good.  What else is new, LaVergne?  Consider this an open thread.

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