New Faces Coming to City Hall

Don’t Worry if Your Job Is Small
by Anonymous

Don’t worry if your job is small,
And your rewards are few.
Remember that the mighty oak,
Was once a nut like you.

The deadline has been extended on one big job at City Hall and another is opening.  If you’re qualified, you now have another week to apply for City Administrator of LaVergne.

There has been much discussion on the one prerequisite of “living where you work” for this position.  While I personally understand that it could limit the number of applicants, I still believe having the person live here is a good thing.  That way you have a personally vested interest in making sure the city is wonderful.  Can’t park in the streets?  Neither can you.  Raise taxes?  You pay, too.  Poor workmanship? That’s your tax dollars, too.  Need a neighborhood park for the children to play in?  They’d benefit your kids, too.  If someone is that much against living here, then I don’t want them to make decisions on behalf of me and my family.

In other news, the city will also soon be seeking someone for public relations.  According to the DNJ,

While a position has yet to be posted, [Fred] Gaston said he is working on a job description for a public relations director who would field calls from the media and write news releases and marketing materials, but also advise the mayor, aldermen and other La Vergne officials in proper ways to work with the media, among other duties.

From TiLaV, our sincere thanks to Angie Mayes for her years of service to LaVergne.  She helped to coordinate many very nice events – from Oldtimers’ Day to National Night Out.  Angie was also an extraordinary photographer for the city, capturing wonder in a child’s eye, excitement, and historical moments.

These next few weeks in LaVergne are going to be pivotal to the future of the city … my prayers are with our elected officials at this time to make the right decisions.  They need our support right now more than ever.

Poem from the Poetry Foundation.

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