Some City Updates

Before we begin, I just want to tell you that the potato soup really *was* good despite what (rhymes with) Heave-Ho said.

The biggest news happening right now in LaVergne is that a search is underway for a new city administrator. Click here to read the job description and information about applying. You have until January 8th to apply. Here is a GREAT change in one of the position requirements: Must currently live in the City of La Vergne or must be willing to move to the City of LaVergne within 6 months of accepting the position. I really like that the person who is making the decisions that will impact this town has to live with these decisions by living in this town. Wise.

The next isn’t nearly as exciting, but worth mentioning… the city has set up drop boxes to pay water bill, taxes, court fees, and traffic tickets 24-hours a day. The water drop box is still located at the regular water payment drive-thru. The other payments (tax, court, traffic) can be left in a drop box at the BACK DOOR of City Hall. Make sure you indicate any vital information like name, address, and “if applicable account number or ticket number with any payments so that they can be applied to the appropriate account.”

Also on the city page,

The LaVergne Public Works Department will be accepting live Christmas trees through January 21st, 2011. All decorations, tinsel, garlands, lights, etc. must be removed from the trees before dropping them off. Trees may be dropped off at the Public Works Building located at 148 International Blvd. Signs will be posted as to where to leave the trees.

My tree has been undecorated and dropped in the attic. Some ornaments were harmed in the process.

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