O Christmas Tree…

O Christmas tree
Thy leaves are so un-changing…

That is until you start shedding them all over the living room, then you just have to go.

So what to do with that old Christmas tree once it’s outstayed it’s welcome? Here in La Vergne, you can take it to the parking lot next to the Public Works Building, 148 International Blvd. (off Waldron Road) between Dec. 26 and Jan. 21. Or, if you live so close to Smyrna that they can spit on your house from their lovely new water tower, you can take it to the drop-off location at Lee Victory Park. The designated area there will be by the football field. But make sure you remove all the trimmings first. Tinsel doth not good mulch make.

And while we’re on the topic of recycling, I’d like to point out some other sites that may come in handy when you’re clearing away the refuse of Christmas past:

  • Rechargeable batteries are accepted at both Home Depot and Lowes.
  • Home Depot also accepts compact fluorescent light bulbs. Don’t toss those in the trash, y’all, they’re full of mercury!
  • If you have old electronics with cords that you want to be rid of, you can drop them at 1140 Haley Road in Murfreesboro on Tuesdays & Saturdays between 10: 00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. If they still work, you can also give them away on freecycle.com, or to an organization like Goodwill Industries.
  • La Vergne City Hall has a mixed paper recycling bin. You can drop off phone books, junk mail, paper bags, office paper, newspapers, etc. here. But please do not throw in anything with food on it, anything your pet parakeet may have pooped on, or the plastic-windowed envelopes your junk mail comes in. And don’t forget to to pull the cheesy law firm magnet off the front of your phone book before you toss it in.
  • Plastics labeled #1 – #7 can be dropped off either of the Kroger locations in Smyrna, but NOT plastic bags, bubble wrap, or anything that’s had motor oil. antifreeze, or pesticides in it. I’ll say it again- NO, NO, NO plastic bags or bubble wrap!
  • Plastic grocery bags, the thin type, are recyclable at the little bins in front of Kroger and Publix. Publix also has a bin for styrofoam egg cartons.
  • And lastly, packing materials- many pack and ship type stores will take clean packing peanuts and bubble wrap. And I know some UPS stores will take big chunks of styrofoam and run it through a shredder of sorts to create packing material that they can then use to pack their customers’ items. Just be sure to call ahead as UPS stores are individually owned and operated.

And now it’s getting late, my brain cells are extremely taxed from all this writing, so feel free to chime in on anything I’ve missed!

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