10 Things I Love About LaVergne

  1. I love that several times every year, the fireworks store on Murfreesboro Road lets it rip… fireworks up to Independence Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve!
  2. I love how the guys at Mixed Grill Gyros will make you a cup of hot tea – their own special blend not on the menu – if they like you.
  3. I love that the street lights sometimes pop on or off as you drive underneath them, making you feel magnetic or magical or … worried (?!) !!
  4. I love that from almost anywhere in LaVergne, you can get to downtown Nashville in just 30 minutes, depending on traffic of course.
  5. I love that there are two boat ramps here, along with at least one walking trail lakeside.
  6. I love that there are so many talented musicians in this town, evidenced by the phenomenal performance of The National Anthem during the November swearing-in ceremony.
  7. I love how sometimes when I drive home at night, I see deer.
  8. I love that when the USAF Thunderbirds come to our area to perform, we can often see them from our own front- or back- yards.
  9. I love that roundabout.  I really do.
  10. I love that you can walk through Kroger and say hello to at least one or two people you know.

What do you love about LaVergne?

Merry Christmas!!

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