Make Christmas a Charitable Time

With Christmas just days away, this is a good time to reflect on its true meaning and to practice random acts of kindness.  How can you do this?

  1. Go through your pantry and find some canned or other non-perishable items to donate.  While it might seem that you already do this, this time give items that aren’t gross.  Give green beans, corn, stuffing mix, chili beans, mac & cheese, rice, asparagus, and pasta rather than canned artichokes, sardines, and the jars of baby corn on the cob and pigs feet. Bring the items to our local food pantry.
  2. See the car behind you in line at McDonald’s?  Looks a little beat up?  Pay for their meal, too.
  3. See the service people working at the fast food restaurants, in retail, at the gas station?  Give them a tip every now and then.  You’ll probably not miss your dollar, but it could turn a bad day into something good for them.  I work a lot at Bridgestone Arena raising money for Girl Scouts and let me tell you it’s shocking who does NOT tip…
  4. Visit Modest and see how your $5, $10, $20 or more donation can directly help someone in need. If you worry your money won’t make a difference, this organization tells you exactly who you’re helping.
  5. Hand write a letter or card to someone who wouldn’t expect it… your Mom? Dad? Grandparents?  Someone in a nursing home, a widow, a single woman or man who might be lonely. No one takes the time to write letters anymore and getting mail from someone who cares could mean everything to them.
  6. Look someone in the eye and sincerely ask, “How are you?”  Then listen to them… genuinely care about what they say.
  7. Get a handful of nickels, dimes and quarters and drop them somewhere where you know kids play or hang out.

What are you ideas for performing random acts of kindness, LaVergne?

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