LHS Teacher Files Complaint

LaVergne High School teachers have now filed a complaint against the Rutherford County Schools Director Harry Gill Jr.   REA representative Pam Jones had recently filed multiple complaints on behalf of the educators at LHS in regards to Principal Dirk Ash.  The complaints had been investigated by the staff attorney Angel McCloud whose findings stated they were unfounded.   Jones now fights for the right for procedures in the complaint process be fair, unbiased and properly investigated, according to the DNJ.

“The REA believes what is of greatest importance in any complaint is the ability for the complainant to have sufficient steps to attain a proper investigation and ultimately a truthful and unbiased decision. The REA believes that good teachers do not need protecting by the adoption of an unfair complaint procedure. … Due to Mr. Gill’s eradication of the (school board) hearing step, the REA complainant (Jones) has no recourse. The REA believes that the current complaint procedure has been so severely altered by the Director that no complainant can have the reasonable expectation of fair, honest and unbiased treatment. “

This will remain an interesting chapter in the tenure of Mr. Gill because being informed of current policies is vital to teachers and staff, along with parents and students.

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