Q&A with the Mayor

Mayor Senna Mosley was interviewed by the DNJ and talked about her goals for LaVergne in the coming years.

Q: Talk a little about the importance of staying in contact with residents while holding public office.

A: It’s absolutely vital. If something needs fixing, we can’t fix it unless we know there is a problem. I’m in the office daily at city hall now unless we have a meeting that day.

It’s a little harder to be in contact with everyone. I have two cell phones, a radio, office phone and home phone and two e-mail accounts. I check them all every day, but I have to ask the citizens to be patient with me. Being in communication with the citizens has been my platform since I’ve been in politics. Staying in touch with citizens is my job. If you forget who you work for, you’re of no use.

More questions! More answers!  Go read what our mayor is saying!

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