Hopefully No More “New” at New East

I just hated having to leave first meeting of the new Board following the Swearing-In Ceremony for our new Mayor and Aldermen last Thursday – especially since I heard there was very interesting discussion regarding the city’s water treatment plant.  Suffice to say, the problems that were discussed will be fixed … and fixed sooner rather than later we all hope!

However, I had to leave because my family and two friends were piled in the car waiting for me.  I kept them waiting a little while – trying to squeeze in to see who was elected Vice Mayor (and congrats to Chris Farmer).  When I did make it out to the car, we drove to the new “New East Buffet” for dinner.  We were there about 7:15 p.m., so not so late that the food was “old” (you know how buffets can be).

Last time I wrote a review of that location, I said I wanted to like it.  Honestly, I really didn’t.  Previously it did not “Wow!” me and I actually ended up with a very upset stomach later than evening.  So the best I could say was that I wanted to like it.

When I ate there on Thursday with my husband, youngest daughter, and two friends the dining experience was MUCH improved.  There were no anxious trips to the porcelain throne for me – thank heavens!  The food tasted so much better. It tasted fresh.  I have very boring taste buds, so extra spicy and me are not friends.  The food was satisfactory for me, so other might prefer the spiced up versions more.  In full disclosure – I also avoided the spicier foods on the buffet like the pepper chicken, general tso’s, and anything that looked like it had the little red peppers on top.

The selection was good, though fairly standard.  What was missing were the big boiled crab legs (which is probably why they can afford to charge $5.98 all day).  They did offer crab meat, though, through other dishes.  There were my two favorite noodle dishes – a lo mein noodle and a wonton-type noodle (the thin one), as well as steamed white rice and fried rice.

Since it was Thursday since I ate there, this list is no where near complete but I recall:  broccoli with beef, broccoli with chicken, general tso, sesame chicken, three types of egg rolls (spring rolls, egg rolls and one other), fried chicken wings, long green beans, some fish dish, crab rangoon (OMG SOOOO GOOD), wonton soup, shrimp dish (maybe coconut shrimp), peanut chicken, sweet & sour chicken, and lots more.  There was a salad bar with lettuce, pudding, and lots of canned fruits (peaches, apricots).  There were a couple of what looked like California Rolls (sushi) but I passed. Also different kinds of little cakes and pudding, as well as ice cream and Chinese donuts (the sugar dough balls).

I chatted with two of the owners as we were leaving and they said they’ll be introducing in December or the first of January a program called “Senior Monday” where diners over 55 years old can eat for $5 and it includes drinks.

The restaurant has a party room – free to use for up to 50 people.  In addition, you can take advantage of a take-out buffet which is $2.99 p/pound all day.

All in all, I did like it.  I’ll definitely go back to this one without fear.  Try it and let us know what you think!

Photo from the front of their take-out menu because I haven’t sauntered by with camera in hand.

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