Mayor Mosley Sworn-In

Tonight LaVergne has a new Mayor, new Vice Mayor, and new Aldermen.  Instead of hearing from me, I’m going to share the words of a 15-year old resident who updated her Facebook status:

LaVergne is taking a new turn starting tonight! I think ill be proud to call lavergne my home again! (: congrats to everyone! Tonight was ahh-mazing! (:

She summed it up so nicely.  But let’s do a run-down, shall we?   I arrived about 5:20 with my toys for the toy drive and handed them to Alderman Waldron. They had a little table set up and it looks like they collected 10 or 15 toys on behalf of the Christmas program.  Kudos to the police department and Mr. Waldron for their efforts.

I’m throwing in a jump here because it’s a long, picture-filled post.

City Hall filled up quickly.  By 5:45 p.m. I’m guessing there were at least 200 people in attendance.  All the seats were taken, people were lined up along the perimeter of the walls, and there was a crowd standing in the lobby.

The ceremony began with former Vice Mayor Jerry Gann serving as Master of Ceremonies.

Olivia Anchondo of LaVergne Middle School led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Here Mayor Mosley presents Olivia with a certificate of appreciation for her part in the ceremony.

Following the Pledge, the AMAZING LHS Choir performed the National Anthem.  I didn’t get my camera set to video fast enough, but got this much video shot of the performance.  They were so fantastic, it gave me goosebumps and made the hair on my arms stand up!  CLICK AND WATCH!

Then Reverend Ezell Garner said the invocation.

Judge Guy Dotson, Jr. then swore in our new elected officials.

Mayor Senna Mosley

Mayor Mosley receives flowers from Cedar Grove Elementary Student Madison Bridges.

Alderman Sherry Green

Alderman Green receives flowers from LaVergne Lake Elementary student Breanna Sullivan.

Alderman Chris Farmer

Alderman Chris Farmer received flowers from LaVergne Primary students Hayden and Cash Hartley in possibly the cutest moment of the night.  Each young man handed Alderman Farmer a vase of flowers. Here they are shown getting their certificates of appreciation from Mayor Mosley.

Alderman Dennis Waldron was then recognized for his continued service with flowers presented by Roy Waldron Elementary student Nellie Slinker.

Here we have most of the new Board, and Mayor Mosley inviting the audience to step outside to see the ENTIRE police department standing in honor of our new city officials.

Unfortunately my pictures of this breathtaking honor guard are not what I want them to be.  Still.  This was AMAZING (and it’s only about a third of the officers present).

Then the cake and chatting…

(Love the orange flowers…)

Mayor Mosley in her new office…

Once the actual meeting started, the first order of business was electing an alderman to fill the seat recently vacated by the mayor.  Ms. Mosley said that because a city-wide election was just held, it was beholden of the Board to listen to the voice of the citizens’ vote.  Because Mr. Tom Broeker received the third highest number of votes (behind Aldermen Green and Farmer), she nominated him to serve the remainder of her two year term.   Alderman Sherry Green seconded the motion and Mr. Broeker was unanimously elected.

Alderman Tom Broeker

Mr. Broeker received flowers from Rock Springs Elementary student Michaela Walker.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen then chose a Vice Mayor.  Ms. Senna explained that the person who filled the position would be responsible for many duties and would have to have a radio with them at all times.  She then opened the floor for nominations.  Mr. Broeker nominated Alderman Chris Farmer and Ms. Mosley seconded the nomination.  After inviting further nominations and none were made, Mr. Farmer was unanimously elected as Vice Mayor.

That’s when I had to leave because my family was waiting for me in the car.  We headed over to the new “New East Buffet” for dinner.  And that my friends is another post.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mayor Mosley, Vice Mayor Chris Farmer, Alderman Sherry Green, and Alderman Tom Broeker.  We look forward to many positive changes for our city, to include smart planning and a willingness to do what is right.

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