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So it’s right down to business for my first TiLV post. Kathy, Ivy, and I had the opportunity to talk with Chris Farmer today a little more in-depth about the 25 year regional transportation plan laid out at the meeting. I have in my hot little hands a bunch of documentation that I was going to scan in, until I got the bright idea to go to the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) website, where I found much of the information was already posted (thank goodness). So here are some linky links for our readers:

2011-2010 Cost-Feasible Projects

I think they mean this is the stuff they can realistically afford to accomplish. It’s a ginormous Excel grid that lists proposed projects by county. In case you don’t have all day to comb through it, here are the items I found pertaining to LV:

  • Chaney Blvd- Construct 5,600 linear feet of sidewalk. Project will likely include drainage improvements.
  • Chaney Blvd (separate listing)- This project will widen Chaney Blvd to three lanes in order to accommodate existing and potential development.
  • Fergus Rd-  Project will extend sidewalks from Murfreesboro Road to Heritage Circle.
  • Waldron Rd- Widen Waldron Rd and Parthenon Pkwy from Industrial Blvd to Murfreesboro Rd (SR-1) to five lanes with shoulders to match cross sections on other portions of Waldron Rd. Sidewalks will be constructed on both sides of the roadway.
  • Jefferson Pike- This project will widen Jefferson Pike to three lanes. In addition, the project should address grade issues and replace a substandard rail overpass (There had better be sidewalks, for crying out loud! IMO it would be asinine to widen the road and not build sidewalks.)
  • Old Nashville Highway / Stones River Road- Install traffic signal and turn lanes at intersection of Old Nashville Highway and Stones River Road.
  • Hurricane Creek Greenway- Greenway/ bike trail connecting City Hall with residential areas.

Mass Transit Plan

My eyes are getting way too tired to read all of this, but the gist I got from Chris is that they will be adding more stops along the Broad St/Lowry/Murfreesboro Rd. route and adding a circular bus route that travels through the Smyrna/La Vergne area. There’s a map on page 88.

You can find more information than you ever wanted on the subject at the MPO’s website.

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