Mashup: Toy Drive & Swearing-In

For today’s new word, let’s explore Mashup.  According to Urban, mashup is “v. To take elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music and combine them to make a new song. n. A song comprised of elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music.”

Mayor Elect Senna Mosley called me this morning with an idea for our own LaVergne Mashup.  She would like to invite people who are attending the Swearing-In Ceremony tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:00 p.m. to consider bringing a new toy for the police department’s “Toys for Children” program.

Not "unwrapped" like this... just no Christmas paper unwrapped.

Ms. Mosley said one of her goals as mayor is to invite residents to be more involved in community activities like the Toy Drive.  Any new unwrapped toy is welcome because children of all ages are being served.  Need is not limited to age, so little kid and big kid toys are wanted.

If you have questions, again you can contact Alderman Waldron at at 708-2909 or Lt. Cindy Murphy at 394-8402.

By the way, the best mashup (imo) of all times is the Green Day “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” mix with Oasis “Wonderwall” … great great music mix, especially the Aerosmith thrown in at the end, “Sing women, sing for the years, sing for the laughter, sing for the tears…”  (Earworm!)

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