Dear So and So

My new favorite way to post!


Dear DNJ,

Last year you printed the winners of the Ruthies Awards online.  This year… nothing?  Is this just a way to sell more paper products?

What’s the Deal??


Dear Daylight Savings Time,

The early darkness…. it makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

I Must Need More Vitamins or Something


Dear Golden Corral,

We want you to come to LaVergne.  Please hurry.

Everybody Loves Buffets


Dear Ryan’s Steakhouse,

We’d take you instead … so get on it before Golden Corral has a chance!

Don’t Serve Any Brussel Sprouts, Though


Dear Readers,

We would really like to find more volunteer writers.  I would promise that we don’t bite, but actually sometimes we do.  But don’t let that keep you away!  If you’ve ever dreamed of padding your resume (aka “Featured Writer for This is”) or if you happen to live here, are coherent, and like writing… this gig could be good for you and good for us!  We don’t pay anything but that’s because we don’t make anything.

Won’t You Please Think About It,
Kathy T.

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