Tennessee Ranks 41 in Child Well-Being

For over 20 years The Annie E. Casey Foundation has collected data on the overall well being of children.  The 2010 Kids Count Data Book was released July 27, 2010.  New data has been recently added… how well do you think Tennessee rates?

There have been overall improvements for Tennessee, we now rank 41 out of 50 for 2010.  Although I should be thrilled with the improvements, I don’t quite understand how the “Volunteer State” ranks so low.

If you’ve ever complained about a child having “bad parents,” you may want to do a comparison of the Service Delivery Systems of high ranking states.  It’s all about you get what you pay for; below minimum standards equate to low state rankings.  For instance the data reported the expenditure in the United States per pupil average is $10,557.  Tennessee’s average expenditure is $7,756.  Only Utah reported below Tennessee at $6,228 spent per pupil, while the highest expenditure per pupil reported was Wyoming at $16,386.

Care to learn more of the statistical information in Rutherford County, the data is provided by The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth.  Or you can look at all the numbers at Kids Count.

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