Street Views Made Easy

Since the inception of Google Street View, I’ve had a little fun visiting the old addresses where I lived while growing up, the first house my husband and I bought, our current home.  And of course we’ve all seen pictures of people being passed out in yards and the scary house on fire as the Google Street View Car has driven by and captured the images.

There was another funny something captured by a blogger a year or so ago … it’s been so long I can’t remember but I think it was by one of our local favorites (CF I’m looking at you…).  When I went searching down the information superhighway (who says that anymore?!) for the clever link from long ago, I stumbled on this bit of genius instead.  In Crossville, Tennessee, they are building a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster statue.  I think we need this kind of creativity, whimsy, and fun in LaVergne!

If, however, you aren’t into Flying Spaghetti Monster statues, you can still explore the world online using MapCrunch.  It’s a website that will take you to the Netherlands, France, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, and lots of other countries in-between.   Here’s a photo from Hong Kong to tease your curiosity.

The views from Finland and Antarctica are pretty amazing, too.

Here’s a street view of LaVergne Primary School.  (I’m using it because none of the kids are identifiable).

Now isn’t this fun?  Go to Mapcrunch and play. It’s addictive.

H/T to my friend and artist Beth Cravens for the Facebook link.


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