OPEN THREAD FRIDAY: Swearing-In Date Set

The Swearing-In of the new Mayor of LaVergne and Board of Aldermen has been confirmed for Thursday, November 18th at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.  Are you planning to attend?  If yes, go to the city’s web page and take part in the poll so they can determine if the regular meeting room space will be adequate for this special event.

I am looking forward to hearing from Mayor Elect Mosley and the Board members to hear more about their immediate plans for the city and the long-term ideas.

What would be the first five things you would do as a newly elected city official?   I would:

  1. Audit audit audit the financial records of the city.
  2. Meet with as many city employees as possible along with department heads to hear their concerns and ideas (and also meet with the H.R. director to structure a method to review the performance of city workers, and subsequently reward the outstanding workers or dismiss those who have embraced mediocrity).
  3. Go back to the flooded areas and see what has been done to prevent future flooding on behalf of those families hardest hit, what has NOT been done, and then make sure it’s done.
  4. OPEN COMMENTS at meetings so that the board can still conduct business, but residents may still voice concerns in a democratic way without having to get on the schedule 24 hours in advance of a meeting.
  5. Get codes to get all those trashy looking advertising signs picked up.  Find a way to – in the future – charge $5 or $10 p/sign to the owners and collect!

And you?  What are some of your ideas?  OPEN THREAD!

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