Where There is Hope

The elections have captivated TiLaV readers for several weeks now.  Yesterday we had our all time biggest day of web traffic topping 2500 pings… I knew our own mini poll would not be an accurate measure of how the votes finally went because – clearly – where there are 30,000 residents (ish) in this city and we have 2500 readers… well you can do the math.

I sat yesterday at the Roy Waldron Elementary School precinct.  Voters came out of there stone-faced.  We’d get an occasional wave and thumbs up, but mostly people looked straight ahead as they left.  I made a call every few hours to see if the voters leaving the other polling places seemed more receptive toward our candidate… they were.  I was in the middle of the hive of support for the person who did not get my vote.

The experience of working at a poll (to support candidates, not as a poll worker) was unforgettable.  There is a camaraderie with other volunteers  and the candidates were mostly good to each other.  Alderman Dennis Waldron drove through several times asking everyone if they needed anything.   He offered his services to everyone, nicely hedging his bets with whomever won and genuinely showing care and concern for the people who worked the 12-hour day.   Another candidate continued to give it all, but his campaign methods – at best – raised eyebrows.  Other candidates were stoic.  They were nervous.  They were excited.  All seemed genuinely wired… almost pacing with adrenalin.

In the end, our poll here picked some but was not at all 100 percent accurate.  We got our pick for Mayor… Senna Mosley will be sworn in on November 18th.  Newcomer Chris Farmer was another of our picks and he rode the tide to victory.  Incumbent Sherry Green rolled over her challengers and won big… she was the one our poll did not pick, but she silenced her detractors with a very strong victory.

Hope remains for one candidate to still serve now that Ms. Mosley’s seat will become vacant.  I expect it will be the third biggest vote-getter – Tom Broeker – to be appointed to the board by the Board.  It makes sense because the people of LaVergne have just voted and he received plenty of votes.  I think if he does take that seat on the Board, his role will be one of the most important… he will be the swing vote between old LaVergne and new LaVergne. I talked with him at length yesterday and I believe his professionalism will bode well for our city should he take that seat.

Mayor-Elect Mosley said this morning, “I would love to see the third place finisher, Mr. Broeker, be appointed to my former seat as Alderman because the people have spoken and his numbers were high.  I will be meeting with the city attorney today to make sure that this process is above-board and transparent to the people of LaVergne.”

This story is still developing and more information will come later.

Meanwhile, here are some very unashamedly biased pictures from yesterday.

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