LaVergne Chooses New Mayor

In an historic election for the city, LaVergne citizens today voted on who will lead them and represent them in the city.

From the Rutherford County Election Commission, here are the official results (and our congratulations):


Ronnie Erwin  1777
Senna Mosley  2364
Mike Slinker  1606
Write-In   11


Tom Broeker  1642
Chris Farmer  1915
David Gammon  1555
Sherry Green 2517
Kandy Pierce  1131
Teresa Bess Smith  422
Earl Wilson  377
Write In (Total)  36

One interesting thing to note is that as Ms. Mosley is now Mayor-Elect, her seat as Alderman will now become vacant.  The question that begs to be answered is:  Will there be a special election to fill the seat.  This seems like a waste of taxpayer money since the elections were just held.  Therefore, will the seat go to the third highest vote-getter?

The new mayor and board members will be sworn in on November 18th.  It will surely be an interesting agenda the city will now be looking at under a new administration.  Talking with Mayor-Elect Mosley, I think accountability and transparency are going to be the cornerstones of her administration.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all the candidates for their hard work these last few months.  Many thanks to Mayor Ronnie Erwin for his service through the years, as well as Vice Mayor Jerry Gann who did not seek re-election.

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