Clean Up & Trail of Treats Made for BUSY Day

Ay yi yi… what a busy day in LaVergne!  We started this morning at Hurricane Creek Boat Ramp with a clean-up activity. Tons of people showed up, including this old woman with creaking limbs, an out-of-control sciatic nerve, and easily-sunburned skin!  My little group filled up three bags of litter from along Stones River Road.

Photos after the jump…

Community Clean-Up

Someone lost a cute little shoe…

Dear Hawaiian Punch drinker. I picked up your trash. You’re welcome.

Did you know there’s all kinds of cactus (or cacti) in LaVergne?  I was surprised!!

EMT Chris Farmer helps a volunteer who had an allergic reaction to the grass and weeds.

Trail of Treats

Little Nate helps us hand out candy at This is LaVergne candy spot.

The cuteness that is Megan and Sookie.

Lines and lines of people at Trail of Treats.  It was a CRAZY HUGE turnout today!  KUDOS to the Parks & Rec department workers for pulling off this wonderful event!

The Mayor as Al Capone… hahaha…

Is this Robin walking the dogs?

That’s all! Everyone have a SAFE and Happy Halloween!

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