Great Weekend to Camp

Here’s a l’il bit o’nothing for your Friday.  I’m 0ff to go camping for the weekend, so talk amongst yourselves… if your comment goes into “moderation” I won’t be back until Sunday to look (unless I have cell phone reception where I’m going).

Meanwhile, some Friday topics to discuss:

Lots of discussion on the article about Mr. Ash over at the DNJ.

If you haven’t tried the new L’il Cakes cupcake store next to CiCi’s, you MUST.  The Italian cream cupcakes are amazing. Cupcakes cost about $3’ish each (more or less).

My friend was bitten by a neighborhood dog while jogging.  It’s true.  I have friends who jog.

I told Mayor Erwin today that he’s LaVergne’s version of Jeff Fisher… what with his moustache and rugged good looks.  He poo-poo’d me.  Hanging out at the polling site is a wonderful way to get to know the people running for office… it’s been a lot of fun.

Finally, give someone an unexpected hug today.  I heard last night that one of my favorite cooks from Bridgestone Arena (where I work to raise money for a non-profit) died in a car crash on Saturday after he clocked out.  He leaves behind a sick wife and two children under the age of three.  Life is so precious and can sometimes be too short and too tragic.  Make every moment count.  Give someone an unexpected hug today.  Rest in peace, Brian.


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