Depends… or Other Options

Last Friday, the Rutherford County Election Commission came to LaVergne’s polling site at the Civic Auditorium on Old Nashville Highway and changed a long-standing rule.  Candidates and their supporters are no longer allowed inside the building for their … let’s say … private time.   The bathrooms inside have long been available, as long as all campaign items are covered (for example, jackets must be worn over shirts if shirts have a candidate’s name, no buttons, etc.).

With the new rules, the candidates and their fans had two choices:  wear Depends or drive somewhere else (even the port-a-potty is inside the “no campaigning past this line” line).

Realizing that relief was readily available, Mayor Erwin requested that the Box 100 Rehab Units park at the polls because inside each one is … a bathroom!

Therefore if you see one of these vehicles – our knights in yellow armor – rest assured there are no major emergencies (depending on who you ask).  And the armor is yellow because of the paint and for no other reason.

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City at the DNJ, the questionnaires they requested from the candidates were finally returned.  Click here to read but the first question and answers,

Q: Why are you running?

Broeker: I am running for Alderman because this city needs leadership and direction. La Vergne needs a vision for the future and officials that will work hard for all its residents. I will bring this type of leadership to city hall and will work with great passion to solve La Vergne’s existing problems and shape La Vergne into a city we all can take pride in.

Farmer: To be a voice for the citizens of La Vergne and show more transparency in our City Government.

Gammon: I have lived in La Vergne for over 40 years.

Green: I have lived in La Vergne since 1970 and care about my community and it’s growth. In addition, I have always been involved in projects of helping my neighbors, friends, and the general public by presenting their concerns to the City Board.

Smith: I am trying to show if you get involved you can make a difference. This town has gone through a lot of changes over the years and not all bad but not all good either. I would like the opportunity to see if I can make a difference.

Wilson: As a father and former city employee, I want the best for my city and my sons. I have seen a lack of leadership lead to La Vergne not moving forward and maybe even backwards. I say no more excuses the best La Vergne now. We can not continue to accept minimums. We must chose are we going to become more like Smyrna and Mt Juliet or are we going to allow ourself to become a city where no wants to call home?

I also learned the next campaign finance disclosure period is October 1 – October 23.  Those disclosures must be turned in by October 28th.  I will again loosen the strings of my coin purse to get copies and hopefully this round, all of the candidates will be completely forthcoming.

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