Campaign Finance Disclosures

I am linking to the campaign finance disclosures that were filed by the candidates with the Rutherford County Election Commission.  The deadline for turning it in had been Monday, October 12th but it was extended a day because of Columbus Day.  As a result, not all of these are “certified” copies.

I am missing two of them:  Earl Wilson and Teresa Bess Smith.  Because there are few signs for these candidates, the expenditures and donations are probably not large amounts.  I will try to get those at some point to post.

Here is my understanding and please correct me if I’m wrong… the candidates must report itemized donations (both in-kind and monetary) and expenditures if they total more than $1,000.  If the amount is less than that, they are exempt from itemizing during this reporting period.  Their final report will have to be detailed, but it is not due until after the election (I think).  Both David Gammon and Kandy Pierce were exempt, but chose to disclose their information anyway.  I appreciate they are being transparent to voters.

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Mayor Candidates

Ronnie Erwin – Erwin- financial discl

Senna Mosley – Mosley- financial discl

Mike Slinker – Slinker- financial discl

Alderman Candidates

Tom Broeker – Broeker- financial discl

Chris Farmer – Farmer- financial discl

David Gammon – Gammon – financial discl

Sherry Green – Green – financial discl

Kandy Pierce – Pierce- financial discl

Teresa Bess Smith – (do not have yet)

Earl Wilson – (do not have yet)

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