Questionnaires Not Returned & Babble

I sure would like to spend today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday publishing more answers from the candidate questionnaires.  Unfortunately, four people seeking office did not return the questionnaires sent from This is LaVergne:  Mayor Ronnie Erwin, Alderman Sherry Green, David Gammon, and Mike Slinker.

Hopefully they are getting the word out about where they stand on issues through other means – word of mouth or  letting their past work speak for itself, for example.  Or maybe lots of signs… lots and lots and lots of signs in some really awkward places (sheesh, really? REALLY? You have a sign THERE?).  I am so very grateful to the candidates who did take the time to answer our questions:  Tom Broeker, Chris Farmer, Senna Mosley, Kandy Pierce, Teresa Smith, and Earl Wilson.  That you cared enough to share your thoughts on the issues that we thought were very important means a lot.  You’ve given us a lot to consider as we decide who to vote for.  The others… not so much.

I do have one more question for all the candidates (well, for those of you who stop by here every now and then).  What was your motivation for running?  Please don’t answer “Because I have a passion for my town and care about the people of this community…”  Frankly, I might barf if you do that’s why we all read and/or write-for this site.

Personally, I thought about running but felt my focus would be better spent here.  I have another friend who would be great in office, but she spends a lot of her time as an advocate for children.  Even one or two of the people who comment here should run (*cough* Michael *cough*), but timing, family, work, whatever over-ruled.

So why WOULD someone run ?  The good health insurance? A chance to effect change?  A chance to effect no change?  To use a local position to leapfrog into future political office?  Your friends urged you?  Adventure?  Free kittens for everyone? You want to build a dog park?

I wish candidates would answer the question, but I don’t really expect them to (especially from those who didn’t answer the first round).  Instead let’s ask everyone, “Why would you or why would you not run for public office?”

We’ll post tomorrow where our official “meeting” is to discuss the candidates to be endorsed by this site.

Finally, is it just me or are there an awful lot of streetlights that are not working around town?

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