Candidate for Alderman: Teresa Bess Smith

QUESTION 1:  Rank in the number of importance- 1 being most urgent for the city, 6 being least important.

1    Increase the number of public safety officer
3    Economic development
4    Tax reform for the city
2    Job growth
6    Work with the county to build a new high school
5    Explore and implement ways to restore home values in LaVergne

QUESTION 2:  Do you believe property taxes should be increased in La Vergne?

No, let’s see where the money is being spent before we decide to raise taxes.

QUESTION 3. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Tennessee Technology Center in Murfreesboro, I received my diploma in Accounting. I also studied Business Systems.

QUESTION 4. Many of La Vergne’s Problems have been caused by decisions made by past elected officials and poor administration. While we can’t change the past, we can address past mistakes in order to build a better future. What would you do to restore La Vergne’s good reputation as a desirable place to buy homes, raise families, and entice more jobs?

Getting the people of LaVergne involved in the decision making process. Ask a lot of questions and listen to the people. If people know that they helped make that decision, they will be more apt to see it thru. We have to build success at our schools as they are our representations. At this point people sleep here and work somewhere else. What do we do to keep the people happy and excited about this area? If we find that we will have the voice of the people and we can be great.

QUESTION 5. Why should I vote for you?

I offer change to the city and concern for our neighbors. Example: Zoning has not always been thought out. We need to stop and look at the big picture for the city. I am not committed to any agenda; I don’t belong to any groups therefore I believe I am open to different ideas. I have lived in LaVergne for 32 years. Yes, I see that there have been mistakes from our past administrations. We can hope things are a simple fix, but if it not, I am here, I will not leave this great city. I have no problems with hard work and long hours as many of you know.

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