Candidate for Alderman: Tom Broeker

QUESTION 1:  Rank in the number of importance- 1 being most urgent for the city, 6 being least important.

1   Increase the number of public safety officers
1   Economic development
1   Tax reform for the city
1   Job growth
1   Work with the county to build a new high school
1   Explore an implement ways to restore home values in LaVergne

Our vision for the future must bring resolution to all of LaVergne’s problems as they are all equally important and in many ways directly related. Bringing jobs back to LaVergne as well as prioritizing retail development will bring increased revenue into the city. Revenue which can be used for additional services or personnel without burdening the taxpayers. This increased economic growth will have a direct influence on property value. It is imperative that we work with the school board to build a new high school to offset overcrowding but also in heading off any detrimental rezoning issues this build may cause.

QUESTION 2:  Do you believe property taxes should be increased in La Vergne?

The simple answer to this is NO. We need to focus on and prioritize bringing retail business into the city to increase revenue without increasing the burden on our homeowners.

QUESTION 3. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

– I have completed five semesters of college (78 credit hours) in Psychology / Social Work

QUESTION 4. Many of La Vergne’s Problems have been caused by decisions made by past elected officials and poor administration. While we can’t change the past, we can address past mistakes in order to build a better future. What would you do to restore La Vergne’s good reputation as a desirable place to buy homes, raise families, and entice more jobs?

LaVergne needs a plan and vision for the future. One that corrects our existing problems but also looks ahead 5,10,20 years from now. We need to define what type of city we want to be and actively and diligently work towards that goal. We need to market our many “state of the art” yet empty warehouses to distribution and manufacturing companies and bring quality jobs back into the city. We must bring retail business and restaurants to LaVergne. Our city departments need to be fully staffed and have all the resources necessary to not only get the job done but set LaVergne apart. We need a beautification project which cleans up LaVergne and gives its residents a city to be proud of. LaVergne has endless potential but we need a plan in place now and leaders that will work for good of the entire city.

QUESTION 5. Why should I vote for you?

First, as I feel this is a very critical election which will shape LaVergne for years to come, it is important that you get out and vote regardless whom you vote for.

As a union official within the United States Postal Service I have shown the ability to work with anyone to bring resolution to many problems. As commissioner of the LaVergne Baseball / Softball Association I have worked with great passion for the youth of LaVergne. As a partner with LaVergne Parks and Recreation department we grew Veteran’s Memorial Park and the league into one of the most highly esteemed in middle Tennessee.

I respectfully and humbly ask for your support, I ask for your vote. In return I promise to bring the same leadership, passion, and hard work to to city hall to benefit all the residents of LaVergne.

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