Some Are Not Happy with New LHS Management

It was not unexpected that some teachers and parents are not happy with the new administration at LaVergne High School.  Through the Tennessee Education Association, complaints have been formally submitted regarding bullying, name calling, homework, and other concerns.

Not only is the article interesting, but the comments are a mile long.  One of the complaints via an excerpt from the DNJ,

Non-instructional time — Students have 100 minutes in a day — 30 minutes for lunch and 70 for study hall. The 70 minutes of study hall equate to 5.8 hours in a week where students may not be receiving any instruction or enrichment. In some cases, where study hall is in the gym or auditorium, attendance may be upwards of 300 students. Attendance is required to be taken three times to ensure no students have left the area.

While I feel for the teachers, truly there was a lot to clean up at the school.  Mr. Ash isn’t perfect (and calling someone dumb *is* wildly inappropriate), but I’m hopeful that after a year or two things will improve.

Thanks Sherry for the email link.

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