In 9 Minutes…

In 9 minutes, the answers we received from the candidates seeking office in LaVergne will start being posted.  There will be one post a day until all answers are given.   There were three candidates who did not reply in any way:  Mayor Ronnie Erwin, Alderman Sherry Green, and former County Commissioner David Gammon.

Prior to any endorsements from this site, we will be requesting a copy of the financial disclosures that are to be turned in to the Rutherford County Election Commission no later than October 11th.   We would like to hold a get-together for readers on October 12th at a location and time to be announced for input from readers, fans, haters, etc. because your thoughts and ideas should be considered before publishing.

Remember our ground rules…

  1. Comments are open, but limited.  We will accept relevant questions to the candidates and you can voice your support for candidates on their individual posts.  I am grateful for the candidates who took the time to reply, so I believe we owe them respect enough to not to sully their replies.  If you write against the candidate on these posts, the comment will be deleted.
  2. If you want to speak why you will not vote for someone, that is fine (what with the first amendment and all…), but only on other posts (NOT the questionnaire posts).


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