Social Networking Is Not So Hard… And Yet

Those of you who only know me through the convenience of online sites know that I’m a pretty laid back kinda person.  Heck, it didn’t even bother me when Justin Jason said I was naive to think we should keep party affiliation out of local elections… clearly *that* won’t happen but it doesn’t stop me from wishing it would!

But there are some things that bug me today and I’m here today to vent.  Buckle up, cowboys… this could get ugly.

  1. Let’s stop calling this site a blog.  Yes, it was set up using blog software (blog by the way is the marriage of two words: web and log.  Web log was shortened to “blog” and I hate whoever thought it was cute because blog is not an attractive word…).  Now, however, it’s more of an information-central kind of web site.  You can comment.  You can support one candidate or another.  You can tell us about your yard sale or missing pets.  Tell us when the high school choir is singing or having a bake sale.  Let us know if we need to support a student or teacher or school. Just keep it civil and we’re happy.
  2. If you ignore us, we won’t go away.  We’re here and there are plenty of people reading.  If you want to reach between 400 and 2000 residents of the city each day, this is a good place to do that … for FREE.  Businesses who want to tell us their meal deal, give us free auto repair quotes, have a job opening… No fancy signs are necessary.  You can chime in on any discussion.  Just keep it civil and we’re happy.
  3. Social networking sites like Facebook are extremely popular.  I heard today that there are 500 million users worldwide – and the U.S. population is about 300 million… talk about a global phenomenon!  So out of the 500 million people on facebook today, why would a middle aged man try to friend my 15-year old daughter?  Let me rephrase this…

Dear Two LaVergne Candidates for Office Who “Friended” My 15-Year Old Daughter,

That is just a bucket-load of disturbing you have filled up.  I know you’re doing it for name recognition, but the bottom line is you are a man (both of you), you are old (well, compared to the kiddo), you have never met my 15-year old daughter, and I think your feet are firmly planted in Creepyville which sits on the border of I’m-about-to-be-an-outraged-Mom-town.  Please do us all a favor and look who you’re friends with.  Be conscientious of who you have added because this is seriously very weird to me. That is all.

I’m done numbering because they start again at #1.

Today is September 28th.  Those who are running in our local elections have been snail mailed, given a copy of the questionnaire online and I even spoke to every single one of them (except Ms. Smith) in person at Oldtimers Day to encourage them to complete and return the survey by September 30th.  I know one person said he wouldn’t return it, another one or two said they’d think about it.  The thing is… we may have 10 or 20 people who regularly comment here, but there are another few hundred who read and do not comment.  This is your opportunity to make a FREE case for yourself on why we should ALL vote for you.  And you don’t care enough to answer the survey?  Is this how you will behave in office… picking and choosing who your constituents are?

Finally, This is LaVergne will be writing an endorsement of our picks for mayor and aldermen after all responses have been published.  This will be done through an editorial process by a committee of two:  Ivy and Me.   Readers will also have the opportunity to endorse the candidate(s) they support.

So Rah Rah Rah… Let’s Go Let’s Go








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