Open Thread: Express Yourself

Maybe I’m a ding-a-ling for starting this, but I’m going to get the conversation going about the hubbub over some proposed mosques and/or community centers across the country (and in our neighbor’s backyard).

First, I can understand why people are a irate about the community center run by Muslims going in near the former World Trade Center site (aka ground zero).   The destruction of the towers on September 11, 2001 will always be heavy in our hearts… a day we’ll always remember.  However, I wonder why they aren’t also protesting the disrespect shown by having a “Gentlemen’s Club” located even closer? Or how about the souvenir shops selling American flags made in China? Doesn’t that strike you as a little cheesy too?  It makes me shake my head…

But why in the world would people be so upset about having a worship center located in Murfreesboro?  Yes, it’s Islam… 911… ground zero… etc.  BUT I don’t care what kind of propaganda is forwarded to me – all Muslims are not bad.  Recall how people felt about John F. Kennedy becoming President and people were afraid he’d be running the country on direct orders from the Pope.  There are good people, there are bad people in all walks of life.  You can be white, black, purple, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, pretty, ugly, sarcastic, kind…. everyone has bad in them, everyone has good in them.  Don’t be making sweeping generalizations about anyone.

So Murfreesboro and their mosque.  It shouldn’t surprise us when you consider that Murfreesboro also kicked up a stink about having a Jesus theme park located there, maybe they’re just against all religions.  You can’t call it racism if everyone is equally discriminated against.  /rant about stuff I’m crazy to talk about here.

I wish some of these places would consider locating to LaVergne – especially where there is retail business to be had!  Unless we have to give them free water for 10 years, of course…  What’s on your mind, LaVergne?

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