LaV Baton Twirlers Win at National Championships

Poo-poo me if you’d like about all these baton twirling posts, but I’m still too proud to ignore this!  The Tennessee Twirlers competed last week in Savannah, Georgia during the national championships and their teams WON BIG!

The team “Follow Him” took TWO first place trophies in large dance twirl categories and the team “Kooza” won a first and a second place in small dance twirl.  Both teams competed against top twirling teams from across the nation – California, Ohio, Maryland, etc.

Weekly twirling classes are expected to start again in August.  The cost is $95 per semester for kids ages Kindergarten through high school.  You can purchase batons at the class, but in the beginning we have some that can be borrowed.  We must have at least five or 10 students to keep the program going in LaVergne.

If you have a clunky, awkward duckling who just wants to be involved in something (and you can watch them grow into a graceful swan), you might ask if they’d like to try baton twirling.  The instructors will be the same girls who started five years ago in their clunky, awkward stage of life and are now state champions, former queens, and now also national champions.

Call me if you’d like more information at 491-2161.

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