Power Outage, Power Line Spark/Fire

Sorry but I just have to whine.

We lost our power today in the big, brief storm when a gigantic tree fell over on a power line. It just came back on about 30 minutes ago and for that I am oh-so-grateful.  However, because there was no power, we had to venture out to find some dinner (more about that later).

The picture over there… that was taken in the Kroger parking lot on Sam Ridley about 4:00’ish this afternoon.  Pretty sure it was just a cloud, but nosirree I didn’t like it one bit.

Anyway on our way back from picking up dinner in LaVergne, my daughter saw a spark and then flames on a power line on M’boro Road next to one of those temporary fireworks tents.  Nosirree I don’t like that either.

The first call responders (firetrucks, police) were on their way and we just got out of their way.  My thanks to them for their quick response.

Also my thanks to the inventor of braces wax… without it my mouth would continue to suffer from a broken tooth.  I’m pretty sure my old mercury filling is probably filling my brain with poison as it seeps out and flows into the cut on my tongue from where the sharp filling has sliced it.

That’s all for tonight… and aren’t we all lucky for that?  TMI.

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