Slow Week, But Some Snippets to Chew On

Sorry about how quiet this site has been this week… all work and no play!!!

First, my friend has emailed me some links to share.  It looks like more sidewalks are coming to our schools, thanks to a grant that the city has received called “Safe Routes to School.”  From the Murfreesboro Post,

City of LaVergne will use the Safe Routes to School funds to construct more than 1,000 linear feet of sidewalk on Floyd Mayfield Drive. The sidewalk will allow kids to walk to several schools, including LaVergne Primary, Roy L. Waldron Elementary, LaVergne Middle, LaVergne Lake Elementary and Rock Springs Elementary Schools, and will also connect to Veterans Memorial Park.

Also the summer food programs are still available.  During June and July free breakfast and lunch are available to ANYONE under 18.   There is a lot of poverty in our community, so please spread the word that meals are available for children throughout the summer at Roy Waldron Elementary School.

The federally funded Summer Feeding program is provided each year in high poverty areas to ensure area children have access to a proper nutrition while school is not in session. Meals also are available for adults, who may purchase breakfast for $2 and lunch for $3. The program will run on weekdays from June 1-July 30 (but will be closed on July 5).

Contact the school for exact times.  Also, here’s a link to the menu.

Finally, word is out that the water at the rock quarry has been turned off by the city.  I’m curious if the city will send a bill for estimated expenses from the past few years.

OPEN THREAD! What are you thinking about besides how to stay cool in this heat??

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