Do You Recognize That There are Two Sides?

I was reading my friend Gunner’s op ed piece in the DNJ this morning about how we’ve lost the ability to see both sides of all opinions and that people are no longer willing to compromise.  Read for yourself, but here’s a snippet:

A brief look at the blog posts, the letters to the editors, and the comments that border on juvenile shows a polarized people on almost every subject. What is worse is that when someone tries to admit that both sides have some merit, but they also have failings, they are almost always viewed as being in the ‘other camp.

The only comment (so far) basically validates what he said.  The comment didn’t see his point, but fell to sarcastic name calling (“genius”) and avidly pointed out that Gunner didn’t complain about former VP Dick Cheney’s motives during the Bush years.   O.o

I tend to agree with Gunner on this one.  Yes, my political views are very different than those of about half the country BUT I do think it’s important to consider all sides with issues.  As distasteful as it may seem to each of us, perhaps spending 30 minutes each week listening to either MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann or Fox News Bill O. (the one you don’t usually watch) may shed light for each of us as to why the other half thinks like they do.

I am being careful not to say which side I fall on, but do think both sides have merit just as both (like Gunner said) have shortcomings.  Are you willing to compromise or are you so rigid in your opinion that you’re willing to see be a part of our cracking civility to each other?

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