Arm Hit with Sledgehammer

That’s how someone described how they felt after getting a tetanus shot, “It felt like somebody hit me in the arm with a sledge hammer for a week.”  Yep, that’s how my arm is starting to feel.

I took advantage of the health department’s offer to give free tetanus shots outside of Advance Auto in LaVergne yesterday… dragged my daughter along for good measure since she had helped a friend remove vinyl from her flood-damaged bathroom.  Her arm is sore too.

When I showed up at the very last possible moment, I was very happy to see that Box 100 had set up an event to collect funds at the intersection where Advance Auto is located.  Then the manager of the store was also under a tent grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, which they offered free (along with chips and drinks) to the volunteers and the public who came by to offer their arms for poking.

I say kudos to Advance Auto and Sonney Tatu for their work.  Here are some photos from yesterday.

Have a great Sunday.

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