Drainage Concerns Linger

After talking with some of the residents of Madison Square subdivision earlier today, they remain concerned about drainage problems along Nir Shreibman Blvd. and a would-be creek it crosses.  Okay, so I’m not really sure it’s a creek, but with the standing water remaining in it I’m taking a wild guess that it might be.

Yet, there are concerns.  First, according to the homeowner only one of these pipes is completely connected.  The drainage pipe on the left hand side is “off” somehow (left when you’re standing on top of it looking down… or right in this photo).

I’m including these next two photos to show how high the water was… see the debris in the tree?  (You can click on the photos to embiggen….)  And the log was seen floating down the street during the actual days of flood.

Again, you can see the debris in the tree.

This drainage ditch is one of the biggest worries.  Before the flooding, it was much deeper (at least as deep on the right as it now is on the left).  But when the road was repaired, the gravel was added and now … well you can see there would be no containment of water on the right hand side if a heavy rain comes again.

More after the jump… go ahead and click… see what else we have!

Finally, I want to again thank a couple of people who volunteered.  I’M STILL WAITING FOR NAMES of additional volunteers to thank!  Thanks to Margaret Papile from my office who loaned her truck last week and helped me move more furniture.

Margaret – Local Hero!

Also thank you Theresa Hesse who spent a morning helping at the Civic Auditorium, then the afternoon helping to sweep and then mop (with bleach) my friend’s house.

Theresa – Local Hero!

Here’s how we spent the afternoon.

Homeowner Jim sprayed the framework and floors with the anti-bacterial mixture.

We then mopped.

And we scrubbed what looked like mold off the angled piece of wood under the stairs.  It looked a LOT better the next day.

Tile work begins this weekend in the kitchen and bathroom, then the living room, hall, bedrooms, and foyer floors.  I’m most looking forward to helping paint.  I do enjoy painting… it helps reduce tension!

Meanwhile, this guy should be our mascot.


3 comments for “Drainage Concerns Linger

  1. FlagirlinTN
    May 14, 2010 at 8:32 am

    I live on the other side of Madison Square (the street that runs behind Kroger) and we also have a drainage ditch behind us. No pipes in ours. This one breeched into my yard for the first time ever and my backyard filled up quickly. Luckily I didn't panic and ran out and opened the gates on either side of the house and the water drained to the street. Water was about 1 inch below the top of my patio – way to close for comfort. I was especially nervous as I had just signed a contract to sell my home the day before. I have called before about that ditch not being deep enough and it does not go downhill. I was told by City Engineering that the neighborhood was "not accepted" by the city so it was not their responsibility. Whatever that means.

  2. chris farmer
    May 14, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Can anyone explain on how a neighborhood could "not be accepted" by the city? I am not familiar with this. Does a developer not have to provide a plan for a subdivision and put up bonds for streets and such? If so and they city allows them to build the subdivision would in not be an accepted subdivision???

  3. May 20, 2010 at 6:13 am

    Again with myself how can a neighbourhood be 'not accepted' sounds like somebody is trying to pass the buck with regards to responsibility. Interested in knowing if you have since had any joy rectifying the situation, i hope so and good luck.

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